$300 ~​ / song

Song creation・compositon・

arranging・mix-down etc.

Tell us about use of song and images. Expedite delivery is available.



We write a score from audio source.

staff notation and tab is available.


guitar/bass/drums/DTM/song creation/arranging/DAW

completely one-on-one lesson, on-line lesson is also available.




is a Online-based music production.

We are music producting studio providing our services like 

song creation, arranging, mix-down.

We will build so many of musical works along with musicians who

posted in media like radio broadcast.

We assure you will be fully supported regardless to company or indivisual,

major label or indie label.

Suicide - demo1
00:00 / 00:00

Interesting and bright Rock band sound that full with originality.

It can be also shaped into brand-new sound keeping fondamental element

that song has.

A Ballad - demo2
00:00 / 00:00

Bright piano, mellow strings, strong and warm bass & drums, and shiny guitar.

This classic ballad sound completed with persistance of every single note.

mitaitoru - demo3
00:00 / 00:00

R&B song with strings, piano, acorstic guitar surrounding vocal voice.

stylish and urbain taste mixed in the sound.  *outsourced

IDOL1 - demo4
00:00 / 00:00

Classic idol pops, electro, rock etc.

There are wide range of sound in idol songs nowadays.

Filled up with upper taste like PPPH.

New off_Vo - demo5
00:00 / 00:00

It's a pop song using electro sound.

This is a cutting-edge track introducing mode style.

Into the Night - demo6
00:00 / 00:00


Pick up DEMO

These works that we created with our customers are our treasures.

There is a only one sound that large cooperation couldn't get, and costs

half of other companies. This is our greate advantage.


Please check our works below, and taste our sonud.



Born in america, raised in NAGOYA.

He started guitar and gathered his band when he is 15.


2015 he set up his original band, chosen to a finalist in INAZUMA Gate hosted by 


Next year 2016, his new band "DALEN" that setted up and produced by himself,

(posphoning right now though), came in Rockin on japan audition.

Half year After his world tour, he successed to his one man show in QUATRO NAGOYA.

Next year, he appeared on stage as a opening act of MICHAEL(the band grouped by SOPHIA MITSURU MATUOKA)


He was also paired together with KOSAKADAIMAOU in "IKUZE! BAND TENGOKU" of BS-TBS.

TOKAI Radio, NIKONIKONAMAHOUSOU, he has a lot of experience in media appearance.

After guraduated KOYO music college, he started his lesson business.

He teached over 100 students, keep acting his own performance activities, and dedicating 

music production,recording direction to artists.


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